Pets on Private Jets

We currently fly some pets with owners who are already familiar with private jets charters themselves and take their pets with them.

Check in just 20 minutes prior to departure

When travelling on a private jet, check in is just 20 minutes prior to departure at the same terminal for pets and their owners. Departures in the majority of airports are from private terminals, where you can park right outside and walk straight through onto the aircraft. On arrival at your destination there is a simplified clearance procedure meaning that, as long as your pet passport is in order, you can be on your way in a matter of minutes rather than waiting to collect your pet from the cargo terminal.

Dogs in the passenger cabin

Depending on the type of aircraft (and the aircraft owner’s own stipulations) dogs usually don’t even need to be in kennels, they walk right into the cabin with the owner and sit on the floor next to them. They are allowed to move around in the cabin provided that the owner is in control of them with a lead. Some aircraft owners do insist on some pets being in kennels, but even in these situations, the pet owner can take them on board and have direct access to their pet during the flight.

Is it expensive?

For passengers who require a dedicated private aircraft operating to their own preferred schedule, route and timings, then a standard private charter within Europe will cost around £5,000 for the shorter routes, and closer to £10,000 for the longer routes. But if you are flexible and are happy to fit in with an existing schedule (ie. an empty leg), the prices could be around half that.

What is an empty leg?

Empty legs appear as a result of another charter booking; a client booking a private jet charter to fly one way Nice to London for example, will create an empty leg for the plane returning home, London back to Nice. If you are flexible with your dates and can fit in with the existing schedule of an empty leg, there are considerable savings to be made.The majority of empty legs are typically only generated around 3-14 days prior to departure. Passengers on empty legs who are flexible with their schedules and itineraries benefit from 30%-80% savings on normal private jet costs. To give you an idea, most empty legs flying within Europe can be taken for around £2,000 – £4,000 for a small 4-6 seater jet. If you have a full complement of passengers, this means the prices can be cheaper than flying with scheduled airlines.

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Private Jet

private jet interior

This is a typical 4-5 seater jet that could ordinarily be used for passengers flying with their pets in Europe.

There is a selection of light snacks and drinks for the passengers, a small lavatory, and space for around 4-6 bags in the luggage hold.